4×four challenge

who are your four

why 4×four

What do you see as you drive through your neighborhood? What do you see as you shop in your community and attend all types of school and sporting events?

What do really see as you look at the crowds?

When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them. Why? Because they were helpless and lost. He told His disciples that they were there, ready for them to reach. Go – pray – and help them!

Welcome to 4xfour; a simple, effective, proven way to motivate any Christian or group to do as Jesus instructed us to.

Use the free resources or contact us for more detailed information and tools to reach your community.

4 simple steps

  • identify

    Identify four people or families who live within the geographical influence of your church who are un-churched.

  • intercede

    Intercede for each of these persons or families four times each week. Pray that God will soften their hearts and give you opportunities to interact with each of them.

  • invest

    Invest your life in their lives at least four times each year. Purposefully serve, care or support them in a way that is “out of the ordinary”!

  • invite

    Invite your “four” to the four big events your church will plan this coming year that are uniquely designed with the un-churched in mind.

    • to your Sunday School class or small group Bible Study.
    • to worship.
    • to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as His Spirit leads you.

Feel free to use our 4xfour print resources as needed. If you have any questions, please contact us.